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Product Alerts / Recalls

Product Alerts and Recalls listed on this page are not intended to be a definitive reference. Other product alerts/recalls may exist. Please visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission by clicking on the image below for additional information.

> U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision

Recall Notices / Alerts [2024]
[February 2024]


To: owners of following models, installed at altitude greater than 5,400 feet above sea level:

• U.S. Boiler ES2 models ES23, ES24, ES25, ES26, ES27, ES28, ES29 (with or without "-N" or "-P" suffix)
• U.S. Boiler Series 3 models 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309 (with or without "-N" or "-P" suffix)
• U.S. Boiler X-2 models X-202, X-203, X-204, X-205, X-206, X-207, X-208, X-209
• New Yorker CG-E models CG30E, CG40E, CG50E, CG60E, CG70E, CG80E, CG90E
• New Yorker CG-F models CG20F, CG30F, CG40F, CG50F, CG60F, CG70F, CG80F, CG90F
• Advantage models AG3, AG4, AG5, AG6
• Archer Boilers Lancer models LCR-2-038, LCR-3-068, LCR-4-102, LCR-5-136, LCR-6-170

All of the above listed boiler models that are currently installed at altitude greater than 5,400 ft. above sea level ARE part of this field action. All of the above listed boiler models will require modification with an altitude conversion kit except for 2 section models X-202, CG20F, FORCE02E, and LCR-2-038. 2 section models installed above 5,400 ft. altitude will require replacement with another model. Boilers installed at altitudes up to and including 5,400 ft. above sea level ARE NOT part of this field action.

Recall Notices / Alerts [2023]
[June 2023]

Research Products Recalls Steam Humidifiers Due to Fire Hazard

• Name of Product: STEAM HUMIDIFIERS
• Distributed between 2010 and Jan, 2015
• Aprilaire Model #s 800, 801, 865, 866
• Carrier, Bryant #s HUMXXSTM3034
• York, Coleman, Luxaire #s S1-STEAM 8000TO1

The recalled steam humidifiers contain a specific type of electrode wire with a "D" shaped connector can loosen causing arcing and/or overheating, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

[April 2023]

FIELD SAFETY ADVISORY - RegO Models 302, 302P, 302V, 302VP, 302V9 & 302V9LS Compact Single Stage Regulators

• RegO 302 Series Regulators •
RegO has become aware of an issue with the Compact Single Stage Regulators with model numbers 302, 302V, 302V9 & 302V9LS with manufacturing date codes of 09/22 through 02/23 where the regulators will leak at the bonnet and body connection. Included in these date codes will be regulators marked “21/22” as well as “12/22”. In some instances, the crimped connection can leak if a small amount of force is applied to the bonnet of the regulator. THIS COULD RESULT IN A FIRE OR EXPLOSION AND SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE, OR BOTH.

Recall Notices / Alerts [2020]
[June 2020]

FIELD ADVISORY - Vent Screen Suppressor

• RegO Vent Screen Suppressor •
If you have noted noise (hum) issues with the LV4403TR series first stage regulators contact your authorized RegO distributor for a replacement vent screen suppressor assembly (4403-30).

Recall Notices / Alerts [2019]
[December 2019]

SAFETY NOTICE - Bosch Recalls Buderus Boilers Due To Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard

• Buderus GB125-35 oil-condensing boilers •
The siphon can become blocked, leading to a delayed ignition that can damage the boiler’s exhaust system, creating a carbon monoxide hazard. Consumers should immediately contact Bosch for a free repair. Consumers who continue to use the boilers while awaiting repair should have a working carbon monoxide alarm installed outside of sleeping areas in the home.

Recall Notices / Alerts [2018]
[July 2018]

> SAFETY NOTICE - Square D disconnects furnished with REZNOR equipment

Schneider Electric has notified the CPSC of a potential failure of their disconnect switches to disconnect power in the off position. The subject disconnects may have been received as an option on a REZNOR heater, or as an individual component. The failure poses the possibility of personal injury

[June 2018]

> SAFETY NOTICE - To Propane Distributors and Fillers

This Safety Notice concerns 33.5 lb. aluminum forklift cylinders manufactured by Manchester Tank & Equipment Company from 1992 through 1993 only.

[March 2018]

> Zoomlock Service Bulletin - All 1-1/8"" Elbows (90's and 45's) using 15 kN Klauke/RLS/Parker tool system

Note: RIGID compatible jaws and 19 kN Klauke/RLS/Parker tools and jaws are not affected.

Recall Notices / Alerts [2017]
[July 2017]

> Allied Air Handler Notice

[July 2017]

> Allied Air Time Delay Relay Replacement Instructions

[February 2017]

> REGO Field Advisory - L7579 1-3/4" X 1-1/4" MNPT Filler Valve

Date Codes 8B16 to 1C17

[February 2017]

> Manchester Tank statement regarding REGO field advisory

Recall Notices / Alerts [2016]
[December 2016]

> R.W. Beckett Firomatic 1/2" Female Pipe Thread Fusible Safety Valve Pin

p/n 12130 (REM Catalog# 2K249)

[December 2016]

> Firomatic 1/2" FPT Fusible Safety Valve p/n 12130